The Total Body Benefits of Strength Training

Looking for a toned, admirable physique?

Want to feel stronger and more capable?

Hoping to shed a few pounds?

All of these things can be achieved with strength training, a versatile and adaptable exercise technique.

Don’t miss out on activities because you feel self-conscious due to not looking or feeling your best. Making memories that’ll last a lifetime begins with prioritizing total body fitness, but that’s not always easy when you’re lacking inspiration.

At ExpressMD, we understand that optimal health starts from within. Let’s go through some of the benefits to strength training so you can start looking and feeling your best!

If you’ve reached the dreaded fitness plateau, then you’ll understand the desperation that sometimes accompanies trying to stay motivated. At a certain point, your body becomes accustomed to your workouts. As a precise machine, your metabolism adapts to your caloric intake and burn after a few months. Strength and resistance exercise simply trains your metabolism to burn calories throughout the day.
While cardio burns fat during exercise, strength training activates Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). This means that your muscles continue to burn calories, even after your workout session. Additionally, the longer and more consistently you do strength training, the more effectively your body burns energy.

Gone are the days when lifting weights and building muscle was only for men. No matter your goals, it can be adapted to target any area of your body, even with injuries. Strength training isn’t all about the weight room, either. We’ve listed a few tips to help you ease into your first week.

Target your entire body at first so that you don’t accidently overwork one muscle group.
Take at least one day between workouts to avoid muscle exhaustion. Try Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Saturday and Sunday as rest days.
Don’t start out with maximum possible reps or weight – build your muscular endurance slowly to avoid injury. You’ll still see results!

More than building muscle, strength training slows the effects of osteoporosis and has been shown to even build back bone mass. According to Harvard Health Publications, strength training targets bones most prone to fracture including the wrist, hips, shoulder and spine. This makes strength training the perfect exercise for senior adults or anyone looking to strengthen weak bones.

ExpressMD wants you to achieve your best health and feel great while doing it! Strength training doesn’t just build muscle; it protects your health for the future.