Cedar Fever

cedar fever

Cedar Fever: What is It and How To Treat It?   Cedar fever is a seasonal allergy that is particularly common in the Central Texas region. It is caused by the pollen from the mountain cedar tree, which is abundant in the area. This type of allergy can cause a range of symptoms that can…

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Is It Just Allergies or Covid-19?

Allergy season is typically a miserable time of year for allergy sufferers, but these days, things are a bit more complicated. That’s because of COVID-19, the respiratory virus that has many of the same symptoms as allergies. Now, every tickle in the throat or stuffy nose is a cause for concern: Is it just allergies…

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Changing Weather Patterns Affecting Our Health

How often do you hear a friend or family member say their allergies are killing them? Several studies have shown that when the pollen count rises, there is an increase in emergency room visits for both younger children and adults. In recent years, scientists have put a more significant focus attempting to understand and explain…

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