Coronavirus: Do’s and Dont’s

With the coronavirus pandemic, most of us now are faced with something we’ve never experienced before, so it’s understandable to have questions about what to do and what not to do. ExpressMD is here for you – not only for the urgent treatment you need, but also with the prevention information you need to stay safe and informed about COVID-19.

DO prepare. For most people, this simply means having enough household supplies and food to last for a few weeks in case shelter-in-place order is reinstituted. This includes medications you need during that time, as well as cleaning supplies and hygiene items like tissues and antibacterial soap.

DON’T panic. We understand the temptation to go overboard and panic-buy items once you’ve seen they are in short supply. However, this spiral of fear-driven hoarding behavior is resulting in important items not being available for other people who need them. Remember if everyone avoids hoarding, there can be enough for all.

DO wear a mask indoors in public. Masks decrease your chance of spreading the Covid 19 virus to others in close proximity. If we all wear masks Covid 19 transmission will decrease.

DO keep your surroundings clean. The coronavirus can live on surfaces several days, so it’s important to practice good sanitizing at home. Wipe down frequently used surfaces and objects, like countertops, doorknobs, remotes, and phones, with disinfecting wipes or cleaning sprays.

Don’t stand within 3 feet of others in public. This helps protect you and others from transmitting Covid 19.

DO stay at home as much as possible. Although many businesses have reopened, it is still smart to practice “social distancing”. If we resume our old habits too quickly, the Covid 19 infection rate will spike and our healthcare system may be overwhelmed.

DO know the symptoms. The most prevalent symptom of coronavirus is fever, followed by a dry cough. Some patients also report fatigue, a wet cough, and shortness of breath, along with other symptoms. And if you start feeling ill with any of these symptoms, again, don’t panic. Call ExpressMD, and we’ll walk you through any next steps you need to take for evaluation and treatment. Whether it’s just a cold, the flu, or COVID-19, we’re here for you.