3 Ways to Shed Extra Pounds After 40

Maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge at any time of life. But it’s especially hard after 40. Throw a coronavirus pandemic into the mix, and you might just find yourself with some extra dreaded belly fat. But you’re not alone. With restrictions related to COVID-19, many of us have been unable to go to the gym or may be too concerned to be exercising outside the home and lack the equipment to do so in the home. Turning to comfort foods and take out hasn’t helped with your weight loss goals, either.

There’s so much you can do to turn things around and use these unique times to your advantage. Think of this as a time to get a fresh start and make new healthy habits that help you learn how to lose weight fast and get healthy. Here are our best strategies to try:

Avoid the latest fast diets. Instead, we encourage you to think about your food as fuel for your body. Eating healthier can help you stay more energized and focused for your day. So instead of experimenting with the latest low carb diet or weight loss pills, use this time to learn to cook meals you’ll want to eat not only to lose weight but also to keep up your healthy lifestyle. It becomes not just a weight loss meal plan – but a life meal plan. The main change you likely need to make is to focus more on fruits and veggies. About half your plate should be full of them. Then small portions of healthy whole grains and lean meats should complete the other half. Be aware that drinks like soda and alcoholic beverages add a lot of calories. Opt for lemon-infused water or low-calorie drinks instead.

Eat at the right times. Eating a healthy breakfast is incredibly important and gets you fueled for your day, so don’t skip it. But do avoid eating heavy evening meals and anything close to bedtime or else you won’t be able to burn any of those calories before you sleep. And when you eat, just finish your first serving without going back to fill up your plate again.

Stay or get active. Even when the gyms are closed, there are plenty of ways for you to get and stay active. Think beyond weight loss workouts and try to incorporate activities you can enjoy beyond your weight loss goals. Walk or jog through the neighborhood. Learn yoga. Get a simple set of weights and build muscle at home. Bike. Do some gardening. Volunteer to do outdoor chores for others. Even house cleaning is good exercise. There are plenty of studies that show that cardiovascular exercise has amazing health benefits, like improved sleep, brain and lung function, and mood. It can also reduce cholesterol and pain and boost your immune system. What’s more, it’s even associated with a lower risk of death from chronic diseases. For these reasons, getting enough exercise is more than just about weight loss – it’s about quality of life.  Here at ExpressMD, we’ve seen too often what uncontrolled weight can do, bringing many patients through our doors with heart disease, diabetes and other chronic condition complications. Keeping a healthy weight can help keep you out of hospitals and clinics.