Occupational Health Services

ExpressMD Urgent Care's occupational medical health program meet's the needs of employers large and small

ExpressMD has developed a comprehensive occupational medicine program that manages the health needs for a large number of companies in the Central Texas region. We provide quality medical care focused on returning your injured employees back to work as quickly as possible. Additionally, our extensive Employer Paid Services program allows employers to ensure the health and fitness of their employees for the work site.


Workers Comp Injury Care

When on-the-job accidents happen, your business needs a trusted center where employees receive efficient yet comprehensive medical care.

ExpressMD Urgent Care promotes a return-to-work philosophy finding ways for injured patients to work in some capacity. Whether this is by assigning supervisory duties to a forklift operator or clerical tasks to a welder, we work closely with our employer clients to determine how best to modify work when necessary. We maintain open communication with our clients so that the employee, supervisor, and employer admin are all in sync regarding work status.

ExpressMD Urgent Care works with a diverse array of safety-sensitive industries from manufacturers to general commercial contractors. We understand the needs of these employers to provide high quality and efficient medical evaluation and care for their injured employees.  We promote a return-to-work philosophy with modified duties that allows for injury healing while encouraging continuing work place participation.

Employer Paid Services

We offer an array of physical exams and testing to ensure that your employees are ready to perform.

ExpressMD also offers:
  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • Titmus Vision Testing
  • EKG Testing
  • Preoperative Clearance

Express MD Care Videos

What is Occupational Medicine


OSHA Recordable

Injury Management

Kineseiology Taping for Strains



Express MD is a very good clinic with professional service. They care for their patients and put needs of them first. I’ve been there both with my company and on a personal level. The care and attention doesn’t change from one case to another. I’ve taken my kids in for stitches in their eyebrows when one was 4 and the other one was 6. I couldn’t believe how caring and patient they were with my children. Neither of my kids really cried and it was the way they took their time but we’re honest with my kids on each step of the procedure. Plus my kids are just tough, lol. My 6 year old actually requested going their when she got hurt at school after seeing how good they were with my youngest daughter. I have and will continue to refer people to Express MD.

Tara Gray/Harvey Cleary Builders


Express MD in Pflugerville is AWESOME!!! You all ROCK! Dr., you have a phenomenal staff! Everyone is so polite and the service is GREAT! Austin needs more medical facilities like this one!

Jorge Ortega/Keystone Concrete


Excelent service. awesome staff. I have been there a few times with my kids and myself. they were very helpful. wait times are normal to faster than other places. thank you! I would recommend this place to all my friends.

JONATHAN ESCALANTE/Chasco Constructors